What we do.

Red Planet has been providing remote and onsite administration and support to a variety of clients through our house call program. Basically the program commits a client to buy zero hours from us but, nonetheless allows them to access our consultants “on tap” as and when they are needed. Red Planet commits to a 24 hour return of any requests but, typically the response time is closer to a few hours.

Clients can use the house call program for fixed price pieces of work or for time and materials tasks. For the fixed price work, RPC will estimate the T&M and the worst-case hours for each line item and use the worst-case hours with the resource rates to determine a fixed price for the work. Our goal is to reduce the costs so we will share our detailed estimate with client to explore opportunities to reduce risk (and thus cost) for some of the line items.

Depending on the level of trust and satisfaction with the consultant/service different clients ask for different degrees of estimates and commitment on pieces of work. Most clients use it as a tool to buy a variable number of hours on essential services/sysadmin/support/mentoring without having to commit to anything. Some clients tell us their budget, the list of things they want to accomplished and ask us to manage it. Each client is different and Red Planet is very flexible in accommodating to that. Most clients use it for remote work.

For more information, please email or call +91-7358061161, 044-43036373 (India)