What we do.

Red Planet Consulting leads the pack in designing, developing and deploying integrated mobile and distributed solutions throughout the enterprise.

Mobile Technology Consulting

With the emergence of many different mobile platforms, protocols, wireless devices, integrating technologies and applications, deciding on a complete mobile solution can be a complicated task. And making an incorrect decision can have long-term effects on an organization. Red Planet has the experience, knowledge and ability to help organizations navigate through the decision-making process. We have the ability to examine your requirements, present the benefits and drawbacks of differing technologies, and develop a plan to fit your needs.

Spatially-Enabled Field Solutions

Utility companies can improve business processes through the implementation of robust field solutions. By integrating crew management and mobile-dispatch with spatial solutions, Red Planet can help you optimize your processes by providing real-time wireless access to spatial data in the field. Whether you need to improve field engineering, field maintenance or emergency response, Red Planet has the experience and technology to enhance your field operations by designing, developing and implementing robust mobile solutions.

Spatially-Enabled Web Solutions

Bringing your spatial data to desktops throughout the enterprise empowers users to make better informed decisions. Web-based spatial solutions can be designed, developed, integrated and deployed to benefit operational processes and strategic decision making. At Red Planet, our consultants have experience developing and deploying custom web-based applications to serve your organization's needs.

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